Santa and his sleigh comes to Addiscombe

Message from Addiscombe & Shirley Rotary Club regarding Christmas Collections 2021, adjusted for space reasons to show only ‘ASPRAland’


We are extremely happy to be able to continue with our Christmas Collections this year.  Santa and his sleigh, flashing lights, music and his merry band of helpers, will be coming to the streets of Addiscombe & Shirley during the evenings of Monday 6th to Thursday 9th December, and Monday 13th to Thursday 16th December.  We are licensed to collect each evening from 630 pm to 830 pm.

Please see below the dates and roads that Santa will be visiting:

Wednesday 8th December:

Sherwood Road, Bingham Road, Fernhurst Road , Black Horse Lane, Woodside Court Road, Teevan Road, Sissinghurst Road, Wydehurst Road, Tenterden Road, Pagehurst Road, Kingscote Road, Elmgrove Road, Brockenhurst Road.

Monday 13th December:

Birch Tree Way, Compton Road, Bingham Road, Sefton Road, Fryston Ave, Annandale Road, Cheyne Walk, Carlyle Road,

Northampton Road, Bingham Road, Ashling Road, Claremont Road, Baring Road, Parkview Road.

Tuesday 14th December:

Addiscombe Road, Whitethorn Gardens, Green Court Gardens/Avenue, Shirley Road, Glenthorne Ave, Blackthorne Ave, Shirley Park, Bingham Road, Craven Road, Ashburton Ave, Craigen Avenue, Selwood Road.

Our apologies if any of your roads are missing but we are constrained by time and the amount of volunteers we have.

Cherry Trees in Addiscombe Rec

You may have already seen that Sakura flowering cherry trees have, after some understandable delay, been planted in Addiscombe Rec.

You are invited to a celebration of the planting of these 30 Sakura trees, this will take place from 10.30 on Saturday 4
December near the children’s playground.

It was a great honour for Bingham Park to be selected as one of only two locations in the London Borough of Croydon to receive a donation of Sakura trees as part of a project to celebrate the relationship between the UK and Japan.   Sakura is the Japanese term for ornamental cherry blossom trees and their blossoms.  The project aims to raise awareness of Japanese life and history, and to learn from each other’s cultures and  traditions.  These trees will create a legacy for the future generations and are being planted in parks and public spaces across the United Kingdom.

The celebration on 4 December will also mark the Queen’s Green Canopy project.  This is a unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 which encourages people from across the United Kingdom to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee” contributing to the enhancement of our environment.

Cherry themed refreshments will be served during the celebration, we are looking for a marquee/gazebo to provide some protection against inclement weather.  If you have something that would be suitable that you could erect in the park on the morning of the 4th December please do get in touch.

Please could you RSVP to

Planning update

The following is a link to the latest application for 275 Addiscombe Road.

Proposed demolition of the existing building and erection of a new four storey building with basement car parking to provide 9 flats, with associated site alterations 

275 Addiscombe Road Croydon CR0 7HY   Ref. No: 21/05093/FUL | Received: Tue 05 Oct 2021 | Validated: Tue 05 Oct 2021 | Status: Awaiting decision

If you wish to comment, last date is the end of next week.

Reporting concerns about Bingham Rec

As you may be aware, there is increasing use of ‘Bingham Rec’ in the late evenings/night when it should be ‘closed’.  At the recent ASPRA meeting this was discussed, confirmation has since been received that ‘The Council’ has no plans to restart locking the park gates.

Advice on the Council website is:-

If you are aware of anti-social and/or criminal behaviour in our greenspaces, please use the information below to report it to the relevant authority.

  • For anti-social behaviour, rough sleepers, public drinking, substance use, litter/waste offences, please report these to the council via , for the attention of the Neighbourhood Safety Officer (NSO) service 
  • For unauthorised music events, anti-social behaviour, substance use, dangerous dogs, please report these to the police by dialling 101.
  • If there is life in danger or a serious crime is being committed at the time, then dial 999 to report this to the police.

The actual form to be completed after using the generic link shown above is here.

An alternative is to email

You may wish to log any calls made and/or keep a copy of the electronic form(s) you complete,   The more ‘things’ are reported, often and by many residents, the more chance there is of action being taken.

Join us in person!

Our next meeting will be held on Wed 8th September at St Mildred’s; they have provided us with some Covid- safety instructions and other information with which we need to comply. We hope that this will also reassure you that we will all be aiming to keep one another safe.

The meeting will be in the Large Hall, which is much better ventilated and means that seating can be arranged for everyone to feel safe. We ask everyone to maintain social distancing when standing and moving about as well, and to respect other people’s personal space by avoiding close contact such as hand-shakes etc.

For our first meeting back we have decided not to serve refreshments but you are welcome to bring your own along.

Please arrive between 7.45 and 8pm and take a seat in the Large Hall, after using the non-touch wall mounted sanitizer unit in the centre’s side entrance lobby.  (We would appreciate no chairs being moved on this occasion.)

Anyone using the toilets must sanitize their hands both when entering and leaving the toilet area at the wall mounted non touch hand sanitizer located on the concourse wall adjacent to the toilets.

No rooms other than the Large Hall and the toilets must be entered while we are at St Mildred’s, and we are asked to avoid touching any equipment belonging to other organisations.

Sanitizer spray and cloths will be available in the kitchen if there is a need to wipe over a table or chair. (Your committee will have checked these over before you arrive.)

There are no other users in the centre on this evening; as ventilation is of prime importance, doors from the concourse will be left open to maintain airflow, as well as one of the external hall doors/windows.

Whilst it is now individuals’ personal choice about when and where to wear a mask, we would very much appreciate all those who can to wear a mask during the meeting.  (Your mask may be removed if you wish to speak at the meeting, to help everyone to hear clearly.)

You must not attend the meeting if you or anyone in your household has Covid symptoms, or has had any symptoms in the last 7 days. If you develop Covid 19 symptoms within 7 days of the meeting you MUST advise ASPRA, who will share the information with St Mildred’s as well as other attendees at the meeting.

For this reason we are required to keep a record of attendees and so we will be asking you to sign in.

To help us run the meeting safely we would appreciate you confirming attendance so we do not exceed the room limit. Please email if you wish to attend.

Having got all the important formalities detailed above, it just remains for the committee to say that we are looking forward to ASPRA’s first meeting in person since February 2020, and to welcoming you back.

We look forward to seeing you.

ASPRA Committee.