Blackhorse lane update

Update about the ongoing work at Blackhorse Lane.

Blackhorse Lane re-opens to traffic

On Monday 9 December Blackhorse Lane will re-open to one-way traffic, from Morland Road and Woodside Green towards Addiscombe/Lower Addiscombe Road.

Pedestrian crossing points will also be introduced at the Blackhorse Lane junctions with Elmers Road and Dalmally Road using temporary traffic lights. These lights will stop traffic on demand to enable pedestrians to safely cross the road.

Elmers Road

Elmers Road has been closed to through-traffic over the summer, with access only via Stroud Road. On Monday 9 December it will partially reopen to one-way traffic for vehicles turning left only onto Blackhorse Lane, towards Addiscombe/Lower Addiscombe Road. To ensure road and pedestrian routes remain safe, there will be no right turn allowed until Blackhorse Lane fully reopens to two-way traffic in March 2020.

Dalmally Road

Dalmally Road will remain closed at its junction with Blackhorse Lane until March 2020. This area needs to remain clear of traffic as it remains the centre of the construction site.

Looking ahead

The above temporary arrangements will remain in place while pavement works are completed. We expect to reopen all roads in full before the end of March 2020.  

Statutory traffic regulation order notices will be advertised locally by the end of the year noting the intention to introduce double yellow line restrictions along Blackhorse Lane between its junctions with Morland Road and Teevan Road.

Details about the work at Blackhorse Lane, including the area map, can be found on the TfL website at  which will be updated shortly.