Consultation on Rubbish collection new contract; Bingham Rec Gardening; Vacancies; Planning


Croydon Council has launched the Waste & Street Cleansing Consultation which will run for six weeks, to collect feedback from residents about their experiences with the service and offer insight into what is most important to Croydon for a new contract.

An online survey is at and will be open until midnight on 25 February.  Printed copies and a large font version are available from 020 8726 6000, 9am- 4pm Monday – Friday.

While the survey is running, 400 phone calls will be made to residents to collect a random sample, and there will be two focus groups to get more in-depth information. Feedback will be used to shape the next contract, when the current one with Veolia expires in 2025.


The Bingham Road Gardening Group are getting their plans together for 2023.  It’s going to be another great year looking after the flower beds in the park, introducing new plants and bringing joy to all the park users.

Looking to learn more about planting and growing?  Enjoy the outdoors and want to meet new people?  Have some plants you would like to donate?  Why not get involved and meet the lovely team of gardeners on the following Saturdays in 2023 between 9.30 and 12.00

Planned dates:- 4 March; 1 April; 6 May; 3 June; 1 July; 5 August; 2 September; 7 October

If you want more information or have any questions please email


Preparations for the next issue of the ASPRA magazine are due to start soon, publication expected late March / early April after the AGM.

STILL needed are both an editor and an advertising manager.  The last issue (Winter 2002) was produced by an ad-hoc team, deliberately using standard ‘home office’ software to keep things simple.  Please do get in touch if you are interested in getting involved, even stuff like ‘collection of content’ and ‘collation of pages’ are not that scary in the context of how the previous magazine was bought together by an informal team.  Honest!  And our local printers, TD Print, are really helpful and friendly. or are both actively monitored or for more info or to sort out coffee and a chat.  Our treat!


News is that the latest ‘Blackhorse’ development was not approved last week.

Magazine, Arthurs, Plans, Xmas Fair


Hurrah.  The Winter issue of our Magazine is now back from the printers.  Road reps are collecting mags for all of ‘their’ members, so watch your letter box for 64 pages of amazement.

Produced this time by a small (but perfectly formed) team for this issue.  Please do think about (or encourage another..) to email or to get a bit more info on these exciting roles that are still waiting to be filled.  No ‘special skills’ required, just ‘normal office’ stuff that we probably have already on our home machines and a bit of organised thinking.

Page 3 (!!!) of this latest magazine does also have vacancies listed  for and and now includes Deborah at


Confirmed today with the new owner, Arthurs is not closing after 40 years, but there is a change of ownership to another ‘nice chap’.


Interesting info from a member who keeps an eye on RightMove

an option to add another floor on top….. this is Domino Pizza and the adjoining supermarket building

this one looks like it is next to the new build at the bottom of Sherwood?  VERY small site.

Xmas Fair

St Mildred’s fair is this coming Saturday, 12:30 to 4:30.  Come and see the donkeys, or the festive stalls, or indeed just pop in to say ‘hi’ to various of the ASPRA committee on the ‘ASPRA stall’ somewhere in the foyer.


Did I mention the vacancies for advertising and an editor for the next issue of the Magazine?

Please do get in touch soon to get all the info you are dying to know, next issue due April/May.

Page 3 (!!!) of the latest magazine does also have vacancies for and

Gardening update

Our final scheduled session of the year is Saturday 1st October 09.30 – 12.00.  This is the time when we will be getting the beds to bed for winter!  Although I am sure there will still be some jobs to do during the winter months.

I hope as many of you as possible will be able to come along for some weeding, pruning, turning the soil and who knows, if we have some plant donations, doing some planting.  A kind resident donated several plants and seeds at our last session.

All good wishes,


May member update- subs due!


The Bingham Park gardeners will be back in action this coming Saturday (7th May) between 09.30 and 12.00, do come and join in.

Message from Lyn, our ‘gardening guru’…..

The flowerbeds are looking very colourful with a variety of plants in flower, and with plenty of ground cover there isn’t  too much weeding to do, some suggestions!

Northampton bed

– dead head the camellia  i.e. where the lovely white flowers have turned brown

– a little bit of weeding in front of the bird bath

Carlyle bed

– trim and weed the grass that is, as ever, encroaching into the flowerbed

– weeding underneath the bird feeder

– pulling up any bindweed that has started to pop up

Some lovely wild flowers bordering the boundary fence to Northampton Road gardens have emerged which has added extra colour to the park and is encouraging bees and butterflies.

Do come along on Saturday.  We’d love to see you.


Held last week, turnout was a bit ‘thin’.  Minutes are currently in production, and will be available soon.

Subscriptions held at £4 with additional donations for our projects made by many much appreciated and a great help in supporting Hanging Baskets, Festive Lights, Poppies etc

No one has, yet(!), stepped forwards to help with our existing vacancies (Projects, Social Events and Planning Monitor), do make contact if you wish to know more.

Phil (Editor) and Colin (Advertising) have decided to step down after more than 6 years producing the ASPRA magazine, their last edition (currently in production) is aimed for the end of May.

Many thanks and congratulations to them both for all of their hard work over the years.

Please do have a think about stepping forwards for either of these vacancies, the Committee has already discussed how the roles could perhaps be split into smaller parcels to help share the load so do get in touch to chat about either of these roles. and/or


Your membership subscription is, as always, due ‘after the AGM’.  Traditionally a ‘subs envelope’ is delivered, along with the latest magazine to all of the circa2000 households in the ASPRA area, by your hardworking road rep.  These then find their way, suitably filled with perhaps a ‘little something extra’ towards our Projects, back via your reps to keep our records up to date.

Increasingly, more and more members are making direct payments to the ASPRA account, (20-24-61  50802549) which is a great help for all involved.  Please do therefore consider making your payment directly (remembering to include your house number and road as a reference) rather than perhaps waiting for the envelope to arrive.  For any updates to your information, email address etc please let your rep know or email