The Addiscombe Village Jumble Trail has now been running for four years. It has become a much loved and highly anticipated event, not only raising funds for the Christmas lights, but also encouraging a community spirit and a way for neighbours to get to know each other.

In 2020, before the planning team had had a chance to announce the date and start promoting the event, the country was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Due to the resulting uncertainty about when social distancing measures will be lifted, together with the additional commitments associated with Maddie’s forthcoming role as Mayor of Croydon, it has been decided to postpone the Jumble Trail until 2021.

We are hopeful that by this time, we will be in a better position, to have the jumble trail without any restrictions and potential lockdowns.
We plan to have an Addiscombe weekend with events at Ashburton Hall on the Saturday and the jumble trail on the Sunday. The big lunch will also be a part of this event either on a separate weekend or combined with either of the aforementioned events.
Please stay tuned and watch out for further details. If you would like to help in organising this events or if you have any suggestions,  please email secretary@aspra.uk

If you are interested, or think you could get together with friends/neighbours, here are the key tasks which could easily be split across a group.

  1. Organise booking forms, posters and maps – templates already exists so would just need updating
  2. Managing an existing email address
  3. Market the event, locally and on Social Media
  4. Liaise with stall holders from booking to event day

15th April 2020

A JumbleTrail is, sort of, a car boot sale but is spread over a (small) geographic area.  Residents use their front gardens / drives and a map is usually made available to guide ‘the public’ as to where the stalls are and the type of items available.  Usually for fund raising for and as a community event.