Hanging baskets

One of the best and brightest symbols of a summer renaissance in Addiscombe has been the arrival of the hanging floral baskets along the Lower Addiscombe Road. With an absolute explosion of purple, red and yellow flowers, these 22 displays are adorning all of the lampposts in the high street, adding that crucial bit of colour just when it’s so needed by all of us.

This is, in fact, the culmination of a two-year long project begun by an idea from ASPRA’s Hilary Chelminski in 2018 and progressed by Gill Lee. The ASPRA committee endorsed a projected spend of £3000 earlier this year, some of the funding coming from contributionsfrom our councillors, Jeet Bains and Maddie Henson.

CJS Plants, who installed the baskets, are taking care of the watering, feeding and general maintenance of the baskets. They were taken down in September, and will be returning in Spring 2021!