Elected Officials

Want to get in touch with your local elected official? Details below:


Addiscombe East Councillors (2)

maddie.henson@croydon.gov.uk     Cllr Maddie Henson

jeet.bains@croydon.gov.uk                 Cllr Jeet Bains


Shirley North Councillors (3)

sue.bennett@croydon.gov.uk                 Cllr Sue Bennett

richard.chatterjee@croydon.gov.uk     Cllr Richard Chatterjee

gareth.streeter@croydon.gov.uk           Cllr Gareth Streeter


Member of Parliament and London Assembly

sarah.jones.mp@parliament.uk          Sara Jones MP

neil.garratt@london.gov.uk                   Neil Garratt