Festive Lighting


Each year ASPRA arranges the festive lights along the high street.

The charge for these lights is guaranteed by ASPRA, but we do need additional external finance in order to be able to provide this wonderful facility.

Thanks to all our contributors for 2019, including:-


....  .


In 2015 ASPRA contracted and financially underwrote (thanks to some committee members)  the Festive Lighting along Addiscombe Village shops.  This five year contract provided different designs each year, supplied by Festive Lighting, they are installed and maintained by Skansa, Croydon Council contractors.  A 1 year contract, for 2020 only, has been agreed.  ASPRA is hopeful that the contract can be renewed for 2021 onwards for a longer period.

Members have the option as part of their membership to donate ‘over and above’ for our projects including these lights, we also thank our local councillors for their Community Grants which help.  We also, each year, seek donations from local traders and organisations and thank them for their contributions.

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