We’re all shiny and new!

ASPRA now has a new website (still some work in progress) which can be found at www.aspra.uk – here already!

Please do pass your thoughts and comments back so I can continue to tune things.

As a result of this change, ASPRA email addresses will also change over a period to become xxxxxxx@aspra.uk.  Full list on the new website, contacts page.

Messages sent to the existing addresses will get set to additionally forward to the xxxxxxx@aspra.uk version, so that your committee can all, in their own timescale, get to grips with this new fangled stuff and will individually decide when and how they wish to move over to sending things from the new address.

Apologies in advance for the odd hiccup that may result from this change (your contacts list will need an update if you email ASPRA, you may find that messages from ASPRA are highlighted as ‘possible spam’ or get filed in your spam folders etc).

However, this will provide ASPRA with a cleaner, simpler Email and Website setup that will be easier to update and maintain, so thanks in advance for your understanding and the work involved with any changes you will need to make.