Reporting concerns about Bingham Rec

As you may be aware, there is increasing use of ‘Bingham Rec’ in the late evenings/night when it should be ‘closed’.  At the recent ASPRA meeting this was discussed, confirmation has since been received that ‘The Council’ has no plans to restart locking the park gates.

Advice on the Council website is:-

If you are aware of anti-social and/or criminal behaviour in our greenspaces, please use the information below to report it to the relevant authority.

  • For anti-social behaviour, rough sleepers, public drinking, substance use, litter/waste offences, please report these to the council via , for the attention of the Neighbourhood Safety Officer (NSO) service 
  • For unauthorised music events, anti-social behaviour, substance use, dangerous dogs, please report these to the police by dialling 101.
  • If there is life in danger or a serious crime is being committed at the time, then dial 999 to report this to the police.

The actual form to be completed after using the generic link shown above is here.

An alternative is to email

You may wish to log any calls made and/or keep a copy of the electronic form(s) you complete,   The more ‘things’ are reported, often and by many residents, the more chance there is of action being taken.